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Here is where u can learn all about Gangrel.


Real name-David Heath
Finisher move-Implant DDT
Favorite Candy-Peppermint Cigarettes(same like as me)
Favorite Wrestlers-himself and Luna(his wife)

The mysterious Gangrel was already known by many fans before making his way to the WWF in the Fully Loaded of 1998. He wrestled on the independent circuit for several years as The Vampire Warrior, a gimmick similar to Gangrel. David Heath, who outside the ring is married to Luna, has competed across the United States for various wrestling promotions, and still continues to do so since joining the WWF. He has also won his share of titles, including the USWA Heavyweight title which he won from Jeff Jarrett on July 18, 1993 in Memphis, only to lose it back to Jarrett a month later. Heath was also a big success in Puerto Rico earlier in his career. He was known there as Lestat the Vampire, and along with Luna, captured the light heavyweight championship there (thanks to Miguel Rodriguez).

Gangrel sparked interest from his very first WWF appearance. His ring entrances contain a lot of dramatics as he rises up through a ring of flames onto the entrance ramp. Before stepping between the ropes, he drinks the viscous, red liquid that is contained in the goblet that he carries to ringside, and sprays it out into the crowd.

Upon Gangrel's WWF debut, an immediate feud started with fellow WWF newcomer Edge. It was rumored that the two had a history outside the WWF, and several brawls between the two broke out on many occasions. Then in September of 1998 at In Your House: Breakdown, Gangrel distracted and caused Edge a loss to D-Lo Brown by bringing down an unknown man to the ring. It came to be known that this man was Christian, Edge's "brother".

For several weeks, Christian and Gangrel attacked Edge whenever the opportunity arose. Then on Raw during a match between Kane and Gangrel, Edge ran in and assisted his foes against Kane. The trio of Gangrel, Edge and Christian became a team, calling themselves The Brood.

The threesome of the Brood became a force to be reckoned with, and began somewhat of a feud with the J.O.B. Squad that started after Edge attacked Al Snow at Capital Carnage in the UK, setting up the win for Gangrel. Following a loss in tag team action to the J.O.B. Squad several weeks later on Raw, Gangrel declared that there was going to be a "blood bath". With that, the Brood began attacking various competitors, drenching them in the same liquid that is contained in Gangrel's goblet. Among the "blood bath" victims have been Tiger Ali Singh, Al Snow and Val Venis.

In singles competition, Gangrel has proved to be a formidable wrestler, and was a top contender for the Hardcore championship. Then at the 1999 Royal Rumble, he challenged X-Pac for the European title, however was defeated in that match. Then on February 1, 1999, the Brood was attacked by the Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness on Raw, and would later join forces with the Ministry later on in the night. The Brood became even more of a component for evil alongside the Ministry, at least until April 12, 1999 when Brood member Christian was ordered to be sacrificed, prompting Gangrel and Edge to attack the Ministry to protect him. As it turned out however, Gangrel was more loyal to Christian than Edge, and actually was jealous of Edge's popularity. This tension led to a feud between Edge and Gangrel that broke up the Brood. Christian chose to join the side of his "brother", and so Gangrel set out to reestablish the Brood, and did so by adding Matt and Jeff Hardy. Acting as sort of a mentor Gangrel urged The Hardyz to take more risks with their bodies. This partnership also wouldn't last however, as the Hardy Boyz opted to take on Terri Runnels as their manager and left Gangrel.

In late 1999, Gangrel finally looked to have found the right ally when he reunited with the woman that had been by his side prior to his WWF debut, his wife Luna. However, backstage turmoil led to Luna being released by the company, and injuries have prevented Gangrel from coming into his own in the WWF.

Well I hope you know more of Gangrel!!