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About Me?!
BrOoD ChAt RoOm
About Me?!

Now you can learn all about me!!

Name- Kyle Andrew Scott MacDonald
favorite food- Macaroni and Cheese
favorite snack- Peppermint sticks and Puppy Chow
favorite movies- All the Japanese Godzilla movies and Mothra Movies.
favorite show- any WWF programing
age- 14
town- North Platte, NE
My name is Kyle. I am a 14 year old boy. I enjoy hanging with friends and watching Godzilla movies. ON mondays you can find me behind the TV watching WWF Raw. My favorites wrestlers are: Gangrel, Dude Love, The Blue Meanie, and Mr. ASS. my Email is
favorite chip: Spicier nacho Doritos

I hope you know more about me